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  • New Skirting boards for 'free'
  • Often uses the existing radiator pipework
  • Push fit connectors - no soldering, screwing or sealant
  • Snap-on covers to cover all joints

How is ThermaSkirt Installed?

Installation in a nutshell:

  • Remove existing skirting boards (if fitted)
  • Cut ThermaSkirt panels to length and deburr the tubes with tool provided
  • Fit adjustable mounting brackets to the walls at 600~1000mm spacing
  • Insert the appropriate push fit connectors for the joint required
  • Snap fit the ThermaSkirt panels onto the brackets and push fit together
  • Complete the installation by clipping on the covers to hide the joints

Simply piece it together - No specialist tools required
Thermaskirt can be installed with conventional boilers and renewables
such as heat pumps and solar thermal

ThermaSkirt is installed like a replacement skirting board, all around the room. ThermaSkirt panels are cut to length in accordance with the fitting instructions, ensuring enough space is left for the various joints and connectors and a small amount of expansion.

Available in lengths of 3m or 6m, meaning most walls can be done in a single section.

Unique push-fit oval connectors simply slide into the deburred pipes and are retained by a stainless push fit clip – no soldering, drilling or sealant is required during installation.

Special brackets secure the panels to the wall, and then purpose made covers hide all the joints.

It’s quick, simple and above all, does not cause major disturbance to existing floors or finishes.

ThermaSkirt doesn't need specially prepared screeded surfaces and can even be fitted on timber constructed floors. Plus - ALL the heat from the ThermaSkirt goes straight into the room and not into the subfloor, speeding up response times.

ThermaSkirt is a competent DIY fit, but we also have a network of registered installers who can provide a complete heating system solution, as well as fitting ThermaSkirt.

DiscreteHeat can also offer an Installation Training day. For a nominal fee, we can train your preferred plumber (or joiner!) to install ThermaSkirt to a professional standard, at your location; often enabling the installation to be completed quicker, thus reducing the overall cost.


Interested in becoming a registered ThermaSkirt installer? Click here to apply (additional supporting data about yourself may be required).

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ThermaSkirt - A Discrete Heat Product
Centre for Assessment Ltd

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