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ThermaSkirt Reviews & Testimonials

Although DiscreteHeat Australiais a young company it is supplying a product that has a track record and has been proven with over 10,000 successful installations worldwide.

Whilst our products focus on delivering innovative, energy efficient heating solutions to companies of all sizes, DiscreteHeat Australia prides itself on bringing pleasant customer experiences to all of our customers.

Here you can find some of the much appreciated remarks from customers who have had our products installed over the years.

Just thought I would drop you a line to say that the help you gave us in deciding whether ThermaSkirt was the product for our Lounge/Diner and if it was going to be enough to heat it before you sold it, was outstanding.

The ThermaSkirt has now been installed and it heats up a treat and looks fantastic. We have had lots of friends and customers who have called in to look at your product and are so impressed as they had never seen or heard of ThermaSkirt before.

Once again, thank you for everything.

Debbie Trodd
South Croydon, Surrey
I want to let you know how pleased my wife and I are with the ThermaSkirt we had installed before last winter. The staff at DiscreteHeat were very accommodating in helping us identify just what we needed to order even though we only needed the ThermaSkirt to run along one wall of the hall and the sitting room.

The difference the ThermaSkirt has made over this last winter has been better than we hoped for and it really is discrete, most people don't even notice it!

I have no hesitation in recommending ThermaSkirt to people in the future.

Norman Ironside
Upton Lovell, Wiltshire
I would like to thank all the staff at DiscreteHeat for the time you have taken to help and the advice you gave us. We had no problems with fitting the ThermaSkirt and were very pleased with the way it all went together. It is well engineered and well manufactured. Congratulations to both the designers at DiscreteHeat and the companies that manufacture the products.

We are now so satisfied with the lounge that we are going to do the dining room. Therefore you will be getting another order in a few weeks time.

P.S Why wasn’t ThermaSkirt available 25 years ago?

Mike Frost
ThermaSkirt certainly does what is says on the tin and my wife and I are nothing short of chuffed with the heat that it kicks out. Every step of the way from the design phase, then delivery through to the after sales and technical support we have been so impressed with DiscreteHeat and would recommend ThermaSkirt to everybody.

Everyone at DiscreteHeat I have spoken to is friendly, very helpful and has filled me with confidence in the product and process from start to finish.

We are very happy, Thank you.

Mick Eley
Helston, Cornwall
Many thanks for the superior customer service please keep this up. I'm promoting ThermaSkirt to all my friends and the way that this issue was dealt with just exceeds my expectations.

Please keep this up and I have always found all the DiscreteHeat staff so helpful.

Life is full of problems it's how you solve it that counts.

Paul Eden
Cranleig, Surrey
ThermaSkirt is heating the house on the air source (heat pump) only; even when it was -14°C outside the whole house stayed comfortably warm. Skirting board heating gives an even heat throughout the room, has the ability to react as quickly as radiators, and does not act as a storage heater like under floor. It also allows us to put furniture anywhere we like, and we can have floor length curtains without the risk of pumping heat out of the windows. To me it is a "no-brainer" to fit skirting heating and I certainly would never use anything else.

David Reynolds
How anyone could go down the expensive and time consuming avenue of underfloor heating when faced with a choice of DiscreteHeat’s innovative skirting board radiators is beyond me, for the price of a couple of designer radiators I have a sleek, unobtrusive and superb heating system in my hall and large extension. It works superbly, looks fantastic, heats the room brilliantly with no cold spots, and is cheap to run, ThermaSkirt is win win win!

Alan Littlehales
My wife & I purchased a "tired" 70's bungalow in 2007, which we decided to renovate to a high energy efficient standard. A local advertisement by DiscreteHeat brought us into contact with a remarkable heating system that uses the skirting boards as the radiators. We chose ThermaSkirt instead of underfloor heating because of the speed with which it works. It does not have to heat layers of floor covering first. Add the ability to run the boiler at lower temperatures convinced us our decision to use ThermaSkirt was a good one. The installation set up by DiscreteHeat was also excellent.

Mr. Barker
Just a quick note to say that your installer was great and very thorough. Also I am very impressed with ThermaSkirt thus far.

Joe Stabbings
Platinum Plumbing Services
We bought a 30's standard build house to which we added a lower ground extension. After research we came across DiscreteHeat who seemed to provide an excellent solution. We fitted out the main bedrooms and study with the ThermaSkirt and the installation was relatively easy and within the capabilities of a skilled amateur to fit. All in all ThermaSkirt is a very efficient form of heating and produced a very satisfactory result.

Richard Chan & Isabelle Penao
Channel 4's Property Ladder - North Lodge
We chose ThermaSkirt for our house because it was so stylish, unobtrusive and works perfectly with our ground source heat pump. It heats every room to a nice comfortable temperature and the customer service from DiscreteHeat was absolutely first class!

Tim and Zoe Bawtree
Channel 4’s Grand Designs – The Cheltenham House
We considered electric underfloor (heating) for our new conservatory, but couldn't get a guarantee as to how well it would work. DiscreteHeat told us what ThermaSkirt would do and how and a friend of ours fitted it. We've used our conservatory virtually every day since October and it's been fantastic!

Mr. & Mrs. James
I have found ThermaSkirt to have exceeded my expectations. New products often take a long time to bed in, but in this case it's worked from the moment we turned it on. DiscreteHeat’s technical backup has been excellent, whenever we have had a question to ask.

Mr. Rob Bagley
Newport, Gwent
I think ThermaSkirt is a great system, lovely even heat throughout our rooms and the extra space without my old radiators is unbelievable.

Keenat Redmond
ThermaSkirt installed quickly and looks great; we have much more useable space in the room now that we have removed the radiators and their covers. The skirting board heats up quickly and does a good job warming the room.

Mr. Weissman

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