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  • Uses Warm Water from any suitable source
  • Act like a Radiant Panel
  • Evenly heats the room from all sides
  • Responds rapidly to maximise efficiency

How does ThermaSkirt work?

How does Thermaskirt work?

ThermaSkirt in a nutshell:

  • ThermaSkirt replaces the skirting boards and heating system in one convenient, cost-effective package
  • Manufactured in the UK from an energy efficient aluminium alloy that emits heat 5 x better than steel
  • Connects onto existing 2 pipe radiator heating system, with minimal modification
  • The hot water feed and return pipes and facia panel are extruded from one piece of aluminium so the front panel gets warm
  • The patented Oval pipe design not only makes it slim, but improve efficiency & performance
  • Heats up quickly like an electric panel radiator, but gives the same even heat distribution at low level as under floor heating
  • Works with conventional heat sources such as gas, oil and wood fired boilers as well as renewables such as heat pumps and solar thermal
  • Has a complete range of solutions for bridging doorways and fireplaces, obstacles and openings, bi-fold doors and staircases

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ThermaSkirt is a hi-tech aluminium alloy extrusion which is designed to look like conventional skirting board. It has two watertight oval pipes to the back which carry heated water. This hot water heats the face of the extruded panel which then radiats heat out into your home at ground level. Patented connectors and covers allow it to be quickly & simply installed all around the room. It can be connected to either a conventional gas or oil central heating boiler or to a renewable heat source such as a heat pump or solar thermal system.

As it is beautifully made and finished, in a choice of profiles and colours, you'll be delighted at how it looks as a skirting board, but even more impressed with the amazing comfort it brings to your home and the savings on your annual heating costs.

Because ThermaSkirt is made from an alloy that is 5 times more effective at radiating heat than steel, the warm water from your heat source – be it condensing or combi, oil or wood pellet boiler, heat pump or solar thermal system - soon raises the temperature of the ThermaSkirt radiant surface and thus the room.

As ThermaSkirt is heating all around your room from low level, within minutes you have a lovely warm environment. As a result you save heating costs, wall space and warm-up times.

Thermaskirt is a product from:

ThermaSkirt - A Discrete Heat Product
Centre for Assessment Ltd

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