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  • Winner of the National Heat Pump Awards – Most Innovative Product
  • Great for renovations & upgrades, as well as new build
  • Typically 13% more efficient than radiators –
  • – and up to 25% with renewables
  • Rapid, controllable and even heat distribution...

Energy Saving National Heat Pump Awards Winner 2012

Independent tests by BSRIA demonstrate the improved performance of ThermaSkirt over traditional hydronic radiators and under floor heating (UFH).

  • Typically 13% better than radiators on conventional boilers, and up to 25% when using renewables such as heat pumps
  • Enables renewables to be installed in existing buildings. (Winner at the National Heat Pump Awards 2012)
  • Response times of a radiator, avoiding the over-heating problems of UFH
  • Low water content – typically 1/2 to 1/3rd of UFH, maximising the CoP of heat pumps etc.
  • Rapid room heating – only on when required, and off when not
  • All the heat into the room and not into the floor slab or structure
  • Unaffected by the choice of floor covering, maximising performance
  • All around radiant heat – no cooling convection currents and poor heat distribution

ThermaSkirt can help reduce your energy consumption, and thus your carbon footprint, inline with the government’s publication: "Code for Sustainable Homes - Technical Guide".

"The Thermal comfort temperature pictures show that model 3 (ThermaSkirt®) has the most uniform distribution and the most acceptable level amongst all situations".

Model No Min. ºC Max. ºC Mean Room
ave. ºC
Radiator double convector type
(on exterior wall) producing 800w
(cold spots)
(hot spots)
Producing 800w at DT36°C
18.7              21.7
(even heat ±1.3°C)
Quote & results taken from BSRIA test report 51397/1
ThermaSkirt ® Comfort Temperature at 1.2m
ThermaSkirt Comfort Temperature at 1.2m
Radiator Comfort Temperature at 1.2m
Radiator Comfort Temperature at 1.2m

Taken from BSRIA independent tests, these temperature distribution videos demonstrate perfectly why ThermaSkirt uses less energy to make you feel comfortable.

Note the temperature graph at the side of the video, and that aqua green is around 21°C, and dark blue 15°C. Note the consistency and even heat distribution achieved by ThermaSkirt compared to radiators – whether under a window or on an internal wall.

Nothing feels like ThermaSkirt! As a result you feel warmer using less energy and your fuel costs are reduced by at least 13%.*

Animated rooms showing radiator & convection currents vs. ThermaSkirt even radiant heat

ThermaSkirt was proven to be the most efficient form of heating; offering the best uniform heat distribution, with only a 3% variation, compared to a radiator with a massive 13% variation.

 Space Saving & Other Benefits

Consider the following advantages to the home owner:

  • Comfortable temperatures in your home even on the coldest of days
  • Minimal disruption when retrofitting to existing homes
  • Saves you $$$ on your annual heating costs
  • Control the temperature of each room in your house separately
  • Controllable from your smart phone, tablet or PC anywhere in the world at any time
  • Detachable bottom cable cover – no trailing computer, speaker or data leads
  • Trimmable bottom cover – easily profiled to suit uneven floors or surfaces

Consider the following advantages to developers and house builders:

  • Great point of difference
  • Quick and easy to install with far less risk than UFH if things do go wrong
  • Even heat distribution gives better energy performance and star ratings
  • Works equally well with any floor construction or finish – no concerns as to performance as with UFH
  • No warranty worries – ‘above ground’ installation ensure any mistakes easily corrected
 Health & Safety

There is a very simple reason why ThermaSkirt is being specified in hospitals, care homes, respite centres and special needs schools – because its safer.

Consider the following advantages compared to reverse cycle air conditioning.

  • Completely sealed system – nowhere for bugs such as MRSA or C.Difficile to hide and breed
  • Simple cleaning – wipes down with normal cleaning materials (often when the floor is cleaned) – air conditioning systems have to be regularly cleaned by professionals
  • No circulation of air around the building – This reduces the spread of air borne bugs an viruses
  • Maintenance Free – Air conditioning systems have to be regularly maintained
 Green Credentials
  • Compatible with renewables such as air & ground source, biomass and solar thermal systems
  • Faster response times than in slab heating reducing running times
  • Simple to fit even in retrofit applications – fitted in several 'Retrofit for the Future' projects
  • Often uses existing radiator pipework
  • Minimal disturbance to the property
  • High & Low flow temperature capability for hard-to-heat properties with conventional boiler back up
  • ThermaSkirt® is made from 100% recyclable materials
 Economy & Environment

What about the Economy & Environment?
Energy Savings

If you can turn your thermostat down by 1°C, you could save up to 10% off your annual heating bills. Doesn't it make sense with today's high fuel costs and worries about global warming to consider the very best and latest technology?

If your room is warmed evenly all around and quickly from cold, you can have just enough heat when and where you want it.

Economy And Environment

With ThermaSkirt® you can turn the thermostat down and still feel warm and comfortable. Its payback time in terms of energy saving, space saving and labour saving can be measured in weeks, not years.

Finally, in the far distant future, when your ThermaSkirt® heating system has come to the end of it natural life, you will be comforted to know that the materials used are virtually 100% recyclable – so none of it need end up in a landfill site.

Indeed, who knows, it may even be used again in new DiscreteHeat products!

  • Turning your boiler down 1.25°C can reduce your carbon emissions by 5%.
    (Source: Sunday Times, January 2007 - Govt white paper on carbon emissions)
  • ThermaSkirt does not rely on inefficient convection currents to move the heat around the room. ThermaSkirt radiates its warmth where you want it and at low level, effectively heating the room. Because its aluminium alloy is 5x more efficient than the steel in radiators at transmitting heat, virtually none of your valuable energy is wasted. As a result, you can often run whole houses at lower boiler temperatures and still comfortably heat your home. Running your boiler at 55°C can cut your carbon emissions by 80%!
    (Source Sunday Times 28/01/07).
Better still the ThermaSkirt is specifically designed to run at 40~50°C, ideal for renewable energy sources such as Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHP) and Solar
Key to graphs
ThermaSkirt in Operation
ThermaSkirt in

Even distribution and rapid warm-up
Conventional Radiator in Operation
Conventional radiator in operation
Hot spots at ceiling height
& erratic heat distribution
Underfloor Heating in Operation
Underfloor heating in operation
Slow warm-up and cool down times
 ThermaSkirt Software – Design your new heating system

DiscreteHeat have designed software to compliment your plans for an eco friendly heating system.

ThermaSkirt Superior Efficiency

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