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  • Thermaskirt - a true radiant solution
  • Simple 'above the ground' installation
  • Suitable for RHI & Green Deal projects
  • Works with any floor construction or finish

Alternative To Under Floor Heating (UFH)

Winner of National Heat Pump Awards 2012

ThermaSkirt Heating Systems – The Ideal Alternative to Under Floor Heating (UFH)

Consider ThermaSkirt’s unique advantages:

  • Simple to fit in existing buildings with minimal disturbance
  • Rapid response both on & off avoiding over & under heating
  • Works with any floor construction and finish
  • Works with conventional boilers and renewables such as heat pumps and solar thermal (winner at the National Heat Pump Awards for Most Innovative Product)
  • Energy efficient – ThermaSkirt has been independently tested by BSRIA (#53197) & The Swedish Institute of Climate Research.
  • Minimal water content, maximising the performance of renewables
  • Easy to trouble shoot and adapt to room layout
  • Simple TRV controls as well as manifold and thermostat options
  • New Skirting boards for 'free'!

Under floor heating (UFH) or radiant floor heating systems are being specified more and more as an eco alternative heating solution.

A heating system using a radiant floor (UFH) is often thought to be more energy efficient than radiators as they run at ‘lower temperatures’. However this is offset by the fact that hydronic under floor heating systems are very slow to respond and have to operate 24/7 or risk under heating the room in the event of a change in weather.

Similarly, radiant floors such as under floor heating (UFH) retain their heat energy long after the room has reached the desired temperature, often over heating the room making it uncomfortable – especially at night. Air conditioning or opening the windows is often the only solution, which is obviously a very wasteful use of energy.

Modern insulation levels often don’t allow small rooms to cool very quickly, and so a heavyweight floor structure simply continues to heat the space well past the target temperature. This is especially a problem in places like 1st floor bedrooms, care homes and student accommodation, as well as spaces with varying occupancy levels and uses such as classrooms and meeting areas.

ThermaSkirt heating systems are a radiator in the true sense of the word, but cleverly disguised as the skirting board around the room. This creates the same thermal comfort level as under floor heating (UFH), as far as the occupants are concerned, but in a fraction of the time from a cold start.

Similarly, ThermaSkirt turns off very quickly, preventing the chance of overheating when the outside temperature rises. This responsiveness ensures the heating system is only on when required and operating at maximum efficiency.

The hot water can be supplied by a traditional gas boiler heating system, or more often, by a renewable energy source such as solar panels, ground or air source heat pumps and wood burners.

ThermaSkirt is often a DIY central heating solution, as being ‘above ground’ there is no more upheaval in fitting ThermaSkirt than there is with a traditional central heating system.

The simple installation of a ThermaSkirt heating system enables even older properties undergoing renovation or refurbishment to improve their energy efficiency and reduce their carbon footprint.

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ThermaSkirt - A Discrete Heat Product
Centre for Assessment Ltd

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